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News cycles are fast, but it's dangerous to become numb to the crisis in Ukraine

Without unified solutions in Ukraine, the world order is at risk of destabilization.

We cannot allow Putin’s act of aggression to slip under the radar, or become buried by the relentless news cycle.

Today is the last day to reach our April goal. Can you make a contribution today and help Doc fight for a more moral foreign policy when in Congress?

KVIV, Ukraine — The ongoing crisis in Ukraine is still unfolding, and the world needs to stay focused and supportive of the millions of Ukrainians that have been forced to flee the country, and those who are fighting for democracy.

Congress is poised to consider $33 billion in aid for Ukraine, a considerable but necessary price tag. Let’s do what's right for humanitarianism, democratic principles, and world economic stability. Caving to aggression will prove even more costly.

The American people — all our elected officials and citizens alike — must be united against Putin and his act of military aggression against a sovereign country. The world is depending on our continued engagement.

The aid to Ukraine is essential. Our internal divisions and politicking should cease for the common goal of preventing bloodshed and the threat to worldwide democracy. The consequences of Ukraine falling can be catastrophic.

Right now is the exact time for principled leadership. It is time to galvanize all stakeholders and rise to the occasion with unified strength against an unhinged tyrant trying to rebuild an adversary empire.

The United States is a world leader. We must be united and steadfast in our resolve, confident in our morality, and determined to win the peace and prosperity that all people of conscience seek.


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