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My favorite presidents

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Collage by artist Steve Penley created before President Biden's election.

Not being a presidential scholar, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each, I would rank Presidents Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Franklin Roosevelt as the top three.

Why? All humans are flawed and products of their time, but considering their character, integrity, and competence, they lead America forward with:

  • A strong vision for the country's future, a sense of service, along with a positive active personality working to make life better for all.

  • Effective communication skills rooted in honesty, truth, and transparency.

  • A bold, articulate leader with a great deal of charisma.

  • The fortitude to make unpopular decisions while respecting and trusting the American people.

  • Crisis management skills and ability to deliver results on issues of vital importance

  • An ability to work with Congress and make wise appointments.

  • Moral principles – wisdom, kindness, justice, and courage.

I want to close my Presidents Day greeting by sharing how important this next election will be for our state, and our Nation. As I have crisscrossed our district, I am reminded how cherished and vulnerable our right to vote is.

Democracy is built on inclusion, equal treatment, and participation. Democracy is in danger. It is something we need to fight for and defend against the false narratives. Misguided leaders are trying to make it harder to cast a ballot, and it’s paramount that we defend the right to vote to ensure all eligible voters participate in not only presidential elections, but every election.

We can’t be complacent – we can’t rest, and we can’t lose ground. As a country, we will need to work together to look forward – to lift our eyes up above the horizon and decide who we want to be as a Nation.

Make no mistake, there are bad actors who are actively working to gain back control of the government and return us to division politics. We can’t let it happen.

I am a champion of Democratic policies, and I am practical about how we can achieve them. I value what Democrats have accomplished – traditionally with dignified political temperance. I am not naïve about how difficult the Washington, DC climate is, but as Northern Michiganders and Yoopers, we deserve someone who will do their job with principle.

The beauty of our democracy is we can openly disagree with each other, including the President of the United States. This is an essential system of our government's checks and balances. However, in order for the debates to be constructive, everyone across the political spectrum – especially elected representatives – must operate from the fundamentals of truth. I'm disappointed members of Congress and career politician candidates can't do that.

Can you contribute today to ensure the election of an honest and ethical Congressional candidate? You deserve a change.

Happy Presidents Day, Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.

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