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Lorinser out-paces Rep. Bergman with in-district fundraising

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — The Bob Lorinser for Congress campaign proudly announced its impressive fundraising success after the first quarter of 2024.

Key highlights of Bob Lorinser's fundraising achievements include:

  • Since Jan. 2023, Lorinser has raised more "small-amount contributions" than any candidate in the race. This donor category, which includes individuals who contributed under $200, most indicates grassroots support.

  • Regarding in-district fundraising, Lorinser surpasses all other candidates, including Rep. Bergman.

  • Rep. Bergman's contributions primarily come from outside the state and the district. Unlike all contenders in MI01, Lorinser is funded mainly by donors spread across Northern Michigan and the UP. 

  • The top ten zip codes of Lorinser's contributors are 100% within the district, while his competitors range from 20% to 60%.

  • Lorinser has nearly 3,000 individual contributors and hasn't accepted a dime of dark money or corporate PAC funds.

Lorinser is the only candidate who has taken the "American Promise" pledge to overturn Citizens United, demonstrating his dedication to campaign finance reform.

With more small-amount donations than any candidate in the race, including Republican incumbent Jack Bergman, Lorinser's campaign shows significant grassroots strength, fueled by the everyday hardworking people of Northern Michigan and the UP.

If the 'For the People Act' were passed, it would benefit Lorinser greatly and become America's next most significant Civil Rights act because it aims to protect American democracy by removing big money from elections. It was supported by all Democrats in 2021, rejected by all Republicans, and has the support of most Americans. 

If this bill were to become a law, a federal fund would match small donations under $200 by a factor of six. As a result, Lorinser's total fundraising would be nearly double his opponents'.

"I am a fierce proponent of campaign finance reform. I am grateful for the overwhelming support from the incredible people of Northern Michigan and the UP. Voters in the district should determine who will represent us, not outside money, PACs, or corporations.

"Each voter should have equal opportunity to help their candidate. I am incredibly proud to lead all candidates in local small donations. Together, we are building a campaign rooted in people power, the backbone of our democracy.

"Bergman has never faced a second-time challenger, and it's clear that voters are eager to see us win big in August and November."

Lorinser acknowledges that more donations are critical for success and is asking Yoopers and Northern Michiganders to support his campaign as much as they can at


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