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Hon. Rep. Stephen Adamini endorses Bob Lorinser for Congress

Former Michigan House Representative, Hon. Stephen Adamini, has joined a growing list of local leaders supporting Bob Lorinser's 2024 run for US Congress.

MARQUETTE, Mich. — Bob Lorinser, the Democratic candidate for the US Congress, has received a significant endorsement from Hon. Rep. Stephen Adamini.

In a statement, Adamini said, "Like countless others in my district, I'm alive today because of Doc. He's among one of the most honorable men I know. I support Bob Lorinser because of his down-to-earth, no-BS outlook to policy and his ability to serve hardworking families. He is better suited for the job than any other candidate, has the only opportunity to win, and will represent my constituents with integrity."

Adamini said Lorinser's diplomatic service overseas was also a significant motivator in his decision to endorse in the primary.

Stephen Adamini was a Democratic representative in Michigan's 109th District from 2001 to 2006. In 2007, Gov. Jennifer Granholm appointed him to the Northern Michigan University Board of Trustees. He currently serves as a member of the Marquette County Commission.

Bob Lorinser said he is deeply grateful for the endorsements he has received, recognizing the trust and confidence they represent. He extends his thanks to Adamini for his support and for his continued service.

Lorinser expressed gratitude for the broad and diverse coalition he has gathered through endorsements. His candidacy has attracted the support of various community leaders from across the district, including activists, non-profit founders, educators, trustees, commissioners, candidates, mayors, law enforcement, and veterans.

The campaign says Lorinser's continuing momentum will further solidify his position as the best candidate on the ballot in August and November.

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Dr. Bob Lorinser is a Democratic candidate for US Congress in Michigan's 1st District. Lorinser is a family doctor, social worker, and educator. He worked as a diplomat with the US State Department and served as a public health medical director. This cycle marks Lorinser's second run for the seat currently held by Rep. Jack Bergman. Both Bergman and Lorinser will first compete in their parties' respective primaries on Tues. Aug. 6.

Other notable first-round endorsements include:

  • Councilmember Richard Spring, Charlevoix City Council

  • Jodi Decker, 107th Michigan House Candidate 

  • Christiana Reynolds, 108th Michigan House Candidate 

  • Cathy Albro, Fmr. 104th Michigan House Candidate, Fmr. Rural Caucus Chair

  • John Depetro, Marquette County Commissioner and Fmr. City Mayor 

  • Sarah Weinsch Reynolds, Marquette City Mayor Pro-tem 

  • Bill Revord, Fmr. Iron Mountain City Commissioner / 2024 County Candidate

  • Dale Alessandrini, 11-Year Iron Mountain Mayor

  • Lucille Contois, Community Leader / Women's Advocate

  • Anna Dravland, Community Leader and Non-profit Founder

  • Gina Keller, Non-Profit Co-founder, Distill Social

  • Jean Hetrick, Ret. MAPS School Board Trustee

  • Bill Hetrick, Esteemed Business Owner and Community Leader 

  • Robert Newton, Ret. US Army Veteran

  • Mst. Sgt. Blair Anderson, Ret. US Air Force Veteran

  • John Stewart, Ret. US Army Veteran

  • Sheriff Greg Zyburt, Marquette County

  • Stephen Adamini, MI House Representative, NMU Trustee, County Commission

The use of military rank, job title, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement from any organization other than the individual themselves.

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