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Lorinser asks supporters to sign environmental protection letter

After Rep. Jack Bergman celebrated the Supreme Court decision that removes protection from over half of US wetlands, Bob Lorinser is asking constituents to sign on to a letter of disapproval urging Bergman and Congressional leaders to reconsider their support of the ruling.

Lorinser's goal is to attain hundreds of signatures before sending the letter to Capitol Hill in hopes of igniting legislative action that will remedy the SCOTUS decision.

"Bergman applauded a Supreme Court decision that severely limits the protection of our wetlands with a press release stating he supports conserving our waters," said Lorinser. "We must show Jack Bergman he cannot celebrate the destruction of the environment without hearing from the constituency.

"He supports water protection, but applauds the destruction of the Clean Water Act? That's an absurd contradiction. The Clean Water Act has been safeguarding our wetlands since 1977. By a 5-4 decision, SCOTUS lifted its protections of nearly 6 million acres of wetlands. There is nothing here to celebrate."

Conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh even joined the dissent stating, "significant repercussions for water quality and flood control throughout the United States" would result from this decision.

Lorinser encourages all those who care about "clean water, water quality, pollution, and flood control to sign the letter, or to write, call, text, and email your Representative immediately and tell them how wrong the decisions is."

In the letter, Lorinser says, "By restricting the scope of the Act, the ruling has made it easier to destroy the environment, leading to the loss of essential ecosystems and threatening the survival of many species."

Lorinser also highlighted ways for citizens to reach out to Rep. Bergman individually:

Rep. Jack Bergman

566 Cannon HOB

Washington, DC 20515


"This is exactly why I've chosen to continue my effort in unseating Jack Bergman," said Lorinser. "He will stand idly by as polluters face no penalties for the destruction of our pristine watersheds."


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