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Jack Bergman is lying in his mailers - Dr. Bob Lorinser

Bergman thinks he can just swoop in with his Louisiana checkbook and trick voters into overlooking his record.

Campaign ads with misinformation and disinformation don't erase half a decade of Bergman's atrocious voting record. Can you make a contribution right now so we can combat Bergman's lies with reasonable solutions based in reality and truth?

Jack Bergman plans to buy this election, and they just dumped over half a million dollars into TV and hundreds of thousands more in mailings and mass media during the last 30-day media blitz. You won't be able to get away from their ads.

Bergman has been eroding the public's trust for nearly six years, while over the last year, I have built it. Campaign ads with misinformation and disinformation don't erase half a decade of Bergman's atrocious voting record.

This week. he stated he is:

  • Securing our National Borders. Ask him what he has done outside of blaming others. Nothing.

  • Protecting the environment, while he votes against it at every chance he gets.

  • Championing veterans while voting against funding, upgrades and modernization of the VA, as well as attempting to obstruct Veteran-supported bills that work to combat solider suicide.

  • Advocating for agriculture while voting against the Farm Workforce Modernization Act of 2021, which among other important stances, sought to support workers on our seasonal fruit and vegetable farms, including our cherry trees

  • Provide billions of dollars for broadband, but he voted against it multiple times and his attempt to invite and ignite private investment failed for six years.

I couldn’t believe his false claims in his recent mailings and media releases. But, I was impressed at least this time he used his campaign funds to pay for it, unlike hundreds of thousands of dollars spent unethically earlier in the year using his congressional funds.

Many of you and I believe we need a Representative with character and principles of honesty and truthfulness. We need a Representative to vote with and for us, not against us. As a voter, I need to trust my Representative, not to lie or deceive me. My vote is earned, not boughten. My vote is meaningful and should be counted.

I support Democracy, the pillar of our freedoms in the 1st District. My opponent doesn’t.

My opponent is taking it away. I will continue to battle to win this race for you, your family, and our country.

Please make a contribution to my campaign. We cannot compete with Bergman's dollar amount. Over 3/4ths of his funds come from corporate PACs, dark money and giant corporations, but my hope is - with your help - voters are smart enough that the truth will carry further than his lies.


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