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Congressman's ads cost taxpayers 11 times state average, exceeding all other Michigan reps combined

If we don't hit our fundraising goals in the next few days, our team will struggle to maintain momentum. Cutting resources for our volunteers right now will cost Doc a lot of votes. Here's what we're up against:

We are expanding rapidly — Which also means expenses are piling up. Can you help us catch up with an immediate donation of $22 or more?

As long as we keep up our pace and follow our planned path to victory, this seat is flippable. But, Jack Bergman has an unfair windfall. He's using hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to virtually fund his campaign.

In just the last year, he spent more taxpayer money on self-promoting Meta ads than the combined Meta spending of every Congressperson and Senator in the state. From '21 - '22 his Meta spending exceeded more than all 15 Representatives and Senators.

Yes, this year, he spent more than all of them combined.

Since 2018, the average amount of federal dollars spent by all other members of the Michigan delegation was $13K. In those four years, Bergman's office spent $141K. It's 11 times the average, and, remember, it's not coming from his campaign donors. It's at taxpayer expense.

The ads aren't helping connect constituents to federal resources, e.g., after a devastating tornado. Instead, they're divisive, self-promoting ads about wedge issues, deviating entirely from the purpose of the office's expense.

This expense is just a small sample and does not include frivolous spending on ads on other websites, mailers, or radio spots. There are a lot.

Before we can send Dr. Bob to Congress and fight for campaign finance reform to curb this unethical behavior, we ask you to help fund our honest campaign.

Your contribution today will directly benefit our outreach staff and volunteers. We need to take care of our people and fuel our tanks so we can knock on doors, phonebank, text, write postcards, and galvanize voters all summer.

Help us defeat Jack Bergman so he can't take advantage of citizens in Northern Michigan and the U.P. ever again. Please give anything you can, and it will go a long way to kick off June with a bang.

Thank you for joining our fight!

-Team Lorinser


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