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Dr. Bob Lorinser - former diplomat - provides insight/update on Ukraine conflict

Dr. Bob Lorinser – former diplomat for the US State Department and candidate for U.S. Congress – shares insight on the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

Dr. Bob Lorinser is a retired member of the United States State Department’s Foreign Services. The use of his diplomatic rank, job titles, and photographs depicting government entities does not imply endorsement by the Department of the State or the Foreign Services.

Kyiv, UKRAINE – Russian President Putin's recognition of Donetsk and Luhansk as "independent" territories appears to be a misstep to support further aggression, and it must be countered with strong economic sanctions.

Putin's "peacekeeping" mission to support the Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine is counterintuitive to peace in these two regions.

I am still hopeful that strong punishment by sanctions and diplomatic unity will deter Russia.

At what cost will the world stand up to Russia? Will China and others further threaten global Democracy and worldwide recovery from the COVID pandemic? These are all unanswered questions that will unfold over days, weeks, months, and years.

Let's work toward resolving this volatile and fragile situation peacefully without significant loss of life, not to mention economic collapse.

This conflict affects global inflation and the stock markets — the potential adverse consequences are serious, but they are secondary to the fight for Democracy and self-governance.

The U.S. stands tall and true for universal democratic principles and supports Ukraine's struggle for freedom. Earnest attempts at sanctions and diplomacy are not yet exhausted, but it is crucial that Russia back down. Putin must be prevented from building back the USSR.

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Is there still room for diplomacy in the Russia / Ukraine conflict?

Kyiv, UKRAINE – Russia has ramped up its military presence along Ukraine's eastern border over the past several months. The United States and our Western allies have said they will impose tough economic sanctions against Russia if its aggression against Ukraine escalates.

This was a headline I read today: “Is there room for diplomacy?” Diplomacy is needed more when there is an impasse or so-called ‘diplomatic failure, but we must never give up. We show our strength by coordinating diplomacy with our allies, standing up to Russia’s aggressive actions. The United States of America must support Ukraine's sovereignty.

President Vladimir Putin of Russia states Ukraine’s partnership with the West is an existential threat to his country, and their military buildup was a response to this threat. We know otherwise.

European Union foreign ministers and our diplomats, along with our President, demand Russia to abide by international law and stand down or suffer “massive consequences and severe costs.” Diplomacy continues as we work together with NATO and our European Union allies.

Jens Stoltenberg, the NATO secretary-general, stated they will “continue to take all necessary measures to protect and defend all allies, including by reinforcing the eastern part of the alliance.” Diplomacy prevents hostilities and war and is always preferable. However, our military and that of our allies provide strength and must be equipped to defend democracy when necessary.

As a former diplomat in Afghanistan and Iraq, I understand the importance of the events unfolding, and I offered my support to my colleagues serving in Kyiv for their service. I am proud to be once called part of the diplomatic mission to build a more free, more prosperous, and more secure world.

Russia will be held accountable for its aggressive actions near Ukraine and globally. I am proud of our diplomatic efforts and looking forward to its success.

Ukraine declared independence from the former Soviet Union in 1991, and it is now a fledgling democracy with a pro-Western tilt. As the US puts 8,500 troops on alert, it is in America’s interest to stave off Russian aggression as Putin looks to rebuild the Soviet empire.


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