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Inflation is a serious problem requiring serious problem solvers

Inflation is a significant problem. Its absence for nearly 40 years made it even worse.

I know times are difficult for many, but if you can chip in toward our effort to unseat a solutionless Representative, I would be honored to work with Democrats and Republicans to get things done. Donate now.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Inflation hits rural communities the hardest. To mitigate its effects, we must address the underlying causes. Pointing fingers and playing a blame game doesn't solve the problem, and does nothing for our low or fixed income residents suffering from the high cost of goods and services.

What is causing inflation?

Inflation has multiple causes, many linked to the pandemic.

  • Consumers have been flush with cash.

    • Savings from government stimulus programs and two years of low spending affects nearly everything.

    • This is basic supply and demand.

  • Persistent supply-chain disruptions and transportation issues create costly delays and rising costs for goods.

  • Russia's invasion of Ukraine significantly affects food and energy prices

  • China's ongoing economic shutdown is a significant contributor.

  • Fewer workers in the labor force and changing values of workers result in higher labor costs.

  • Inexpensive borrowing.

  • Greed

The result is inflation. A simplified analysis of the total percentage of inflation:

  • 2% baseline is a natural, normal the sign of economic growth

  • 2% COVID related disruption

  • 1-2% monetary overstimulation addressing COVID pandemic

  • 1-2% Russia invasion of Ukraine

  • 1-2% other issues (Avian flu, African swine fever, food disruptions, extreme weather events)

What to do?

My opponent wants to blame someone and disregards the facts, and he offers no meaningful solution. Unacceptable.

Combating inflation requires leadership and compromise from both sides. The American people deserve better than for us to make this a partisan problem.

We must define the problem, obtain the facts, look for solutions, and act. Work together, tell the truth, and be honest. Breaking down and addressing these underlying issues can help mitigate the problem. It will not be easy, but pointing fingers and playing a blame game doesn't fix the problem. It often worsens these issues as it diverts energy and resources from where they should be.

Serious problems require serious solutions, and we need a leader at the helm who is more focused on solving problems than toeing the party line or exacerbating the divide.


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