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Hatred has no place where we live in Northern Michigan and the UP

Two incidents, one in Beulah in December and another in Traverse City in October, are alarming. Residents found hateful antisemitic literature circulating in residential areas of our communities.

The antisemitic pamphlets claimed that Jews are "hijacking our country" and that "every single aspect of the LGBTQ+ and COVID agenda is Jewish."

The literature also stated that gun regulations were part of a Jewish conspiracy and associated Jews with pedophiles and pedophilia rings.

Hatred tears at the fabric of our shared humanity, undermining the values we hold dear in Northern Michigan. We cannot turn a blind eye to the spread of bigotry and disinformation.

We must confront and challenge these abhorrent messages to ensure that our district, and everywhere in the nation, remains a safe and welcoming place for everyone, regardless of ethnic, religious, or cultural differences.

Antisemitism has no place in a just and fair society. These hateful messages do not reflect who we are.

The fight against antisemitism is a fight for a more compassionate world. It is a fight in which we must all participate if we truly value the principles of equality and respect.


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