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Greedflation and Corporatocracy

Tax cuts for the ultra-rich don't spur economic growth. Trickle down economics is a myth. Prosperity begins with the American workforce. When hardworking families have more spending power, it stimulates the economy and drives demand for businesses and jobs.

My opponent voted for tax cuts for wealthy corporations and billionaires that caused the third largest deficit in US history. Zero billionaires live in our district, so who the hell in is Rep. Bergman fighting for?

America is on the path to a Corporatocracy. Large corporations made record profits on the backs of American families during the pandemic. Let's start calling it what it was — greedflation.


From July 2020 through July 2022, inflation rose by 14%, but corporate profits rose by 75%, five times as fast. Price inflation has many causes, but this one is especially unacceptable.


When corporations are large enough to control entire markets, they reduce competition and harm customers and workers. This needs to stop, and the first step is to recognize the facts.


The 2017 Republican tax bill lowered the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%. The wealthiest Americans received huge tax cuts. Republicans added $1.8 trillion to the national debt — the most in US history. 


Rep. Jack Bergman and other proponents claimed that the corporate tax cuts would trickle down to a $4,000 raise for the average family, but that benefit never materialized.


Trickle-down economics doesn't work, has never worked and will never work. 



Together, we can create a more equitable, financially sustainable economy that improves the lives of many, not just a selected few.


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