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Ending price gouging at DOD would save taxpayers hundreds of billions

A recent CBS investigative report revealed that defensive contract profits had averaged 40%, significantly higher than the reasonable historical margin of 15%.

Price gouging causes taxpayers to lose $100 billion annually. As a prospective member of Congress, I aim to save taxpayer money by stopping greedy corporations that overcharge the Department of Defense.

During a six-month investigation into price gouging, 60 Minutes discovered that military contractors charge the Pentagon excessively for almost everything the Department of Defense purchases.

Out of the DOD budget of $842 billion, $400 billion goes to defense contractors.

If my opponent, Jack Bergman, a proclaimed "military expert," truly wanted to eliminate wasteful spending, he would focus on ending excessive profits by private military contractors, not attacking Medicare, Social Security, education, and food stamps.

Instead of focusing on real cost-saving solutions, the GOP budget he supports unfairly burdens hardworking families, seniors, children, and veterans with the deficit.

Bergman also sits on the Armed Forces Subcommittee that has jurisdiction over acquisition and procurement of weapons.

He has taken hundreds of thousands of campaign contributions from defense contractors that are ripping off the American people of $100 billion annually through rampant price gouging.

This is not fiscal conservatism. It's corruption or incompetence.

Help me get to Congress so I can work to save Social Security and Medicare and finally stand up to corporations that pillage taxpayer money.


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