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Rep. Bergman jeopardizes our national security and promotes reckless spending

Under Rep. Jack Bergman’s guidance, our national security and military readiness have been compromised.

My opponent Jack Bergman holds serious culpability for this gross abuse of military contracts.

In a new bombshell investigative report last night by 60 Minutes, defense contractors overcharged the DoD and robbed our military of needed funds.

Jack Bergman has received hundreds of thousands of dollars each campaign season from defense contractors while sitting on the Armed Forces Committee responsible for defense procurement and the Budget Committee accountable for controlling federal spending.

And what do we get?

He has allowed out-of-control spending to run rampant right under his nose and with his blessing. Defense contractors are overcharging the American people $100 billion yearly for products and weapons.

This new report shows Rep. Jack Bergman is not a fiscal conservative, not a guardian of our national security, and not a trusted, caring, knowledgeable representative.

We need someone in Congress to ask hard questions, stand up to excessively profitable corporations, and be responsible for where and how we spend our money.

Help me replace him.


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