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Dr. Lorinser weighs in on Texas abortion case: “Trust women and their doctors over the government"

Official Statement

In light of events in Texas, let me again be clear about my position on abortion. Kate Cox's case highlights the very reason I am unapologetically pro-choice — politically, medically, and morally.

As a family physician with a profound reverence for life, I support women's fundamental right to choose because without it as an option, more lives are at risk.

Making abortion illegal only makes it dangerous.

Kate Cox, a mother of two, fought the Texas Supreme Court for her right to access urgent healthcare, but lost. At 20 weeks, Kate's pregnancy was diagnosed with a fatal fetal abnormality without any chance of survival. 

The court denied her the safest form of healthcare for her diagnosis. This is unacceptable. The government isn’t her doctor and never should be.

Her healthcare was determined not by her nor her medical team but by a court and legislators. This is not right.

Women are literally fighting for their lives.

I know what it's like to be in a patient's room with a woman in the most vulnerable situation of her life, and a doctor's office is far too small for a woman, her medical provider and the government.

In Michigan, a Democratic majority is committed to protecting women from this invasion of medical privacy. But in other states like Texas, millions of women are at risk.

My opponent, Rep. Jack Bergman, supports a national abortion ban. It is crucial we regain the majority in the US House, unseat Bergman, and codify Roe into federal law to protect women across the country, in every state.

We must trust women and their medical providers to make the best choices and not have decisions imposed upon them by the government.

This issue transcends gender. Any candidate — man or woman — cannot remain silent in cases like Kate's.

My intention is get to Congress to be the doctor in the House who fights for medical privacy. Reproductive rights are human rights, and now more than ever, women nationwide need universal support in this fight.

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