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"Congress can't leave Rural America behind." – Dr. Bob Lorinser

"We know he’s the man for the job."

AMES, Iowa — The United Rural Democrats (URD) has traveled across the country and listened to countless Americans who feel left out. More often than not these folks live in rural America. The URD has built a coalition of over 600 county parties in over 40 states and has chosen Dr. Bob Lorinser as its first 2022 US House endorsement.

"Our first endorsement for US House in 2022 goes to Dr. Lorinser in Michigan’s 1st Congressional District," said the United Rural Democrats. "Northern Michigan / the U.P. needs a Congressman that will fight for them in Washington and get stuff done. As a rural medical administrator, we know he’s the man for the job."

Like Dr. Bob Lorinser, the URD supports candidates and causes that will bring about a renewal in rural communities and remind Washington of the America it has neglected.

The organization's vision is to create a united platform that highlights the issues facing rural America and to remind voters that the Democratic Party is the party of prosperity. The URD says with leaders from FDR to LBJ, the party has made this country work better for all Americans.

"But, we still have a ways to go, as most rural people are left out of the political equation."

"It's no secret Democrats have had difficulty engaging rural voters lately," said Dr. Lorinser. "It's time to take notice of why, and just as the URD has done — we need to listen to Northern Michiganders and Yoopers who feel left out of the conversation.

"Too many people in rural Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula feel forgotten and flown over. With better policy and grassroots organization, in partnership with the United Rural Democrats, we're going to change that."

Lorinser expressed gratitude for the endorsement and says the partnership is a good fit. Dr. Bob intends to advance policy that promotes access to quality rural healthcare, housing affordability, vast infrastructure improvements, energy reliability, and the expansion of rural broadband.

"Rural America fuels our country," said the URD. "With hope and a little elbow grease, we will make it just as great of a place to grow old as anywhere else."

"We are super excited to have someone from northern Michigan to represent northern Michigan. Dr. Bob is the perfect candidate, as he stands for what are truly Upper Michigan values," added the Michigan chapter of the URD. "Most Democratic organizations won't step foot anywhere near northern Michigan. We do, and do it proudly. When we see a great candidate, we go all in, no matter where they are. Dr. Bob for Congress!"


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