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Dr. Bob Lorinser celebrates water protection, sits at Grandfather Drum with Indigenous leaders

Congressional candidate, Dr. Bob Lorinser (MI01), visited and spoke with Indigenous water protectors and environmental activists today near the Mackinac Bridge.

"Treaties between the U.S. government and sovereign tribal nations must be honored." —Dr. Bob Lorinser

UPPER PENINSULA, Mich. — Dr. Bob Lorinser says he was "incredibly honored" to sit with Veterans and Indigenous leaders at the Grandfather Drum today at the Water Is Life Festival in St. Ignace, overlooking the Straits of Mackinac.

"There are 12 Federally recognized tribes in Michigan," said Lorinser. "Seven of them are in our district. Cultural competency is critical to being a Representative of Northern Michigan and the U.P.

Dr. Lorinser also emphasized that "Climate Change is real. It's not a belief. It is a fact," and says that now is the time to agree on solutions and take action before it's too late.

"As our Native American colleagues tell us, our decisions today should result in a sustainable world seven generations into the future," said Lorinser.

Dr. Bob says he supports sound environmental policies that protect the future and the Great Lakes.

"I also believe in the rule of law... Treaties are not discretionary," said Dr. Lorinser. "I will defend the well-being of Michiganders and the jobs the Great Lakes give us. I will protect the source of our clean drinking water, which we get from our Great Lakes."

Lorinser advocated for reliable and sustainable energy plans, transitioning from fossil fuels, "not one or the other."

"We can protect the environment, prevent further climate change, keep America moving, and even improve the economy along the way," said Lorinser.

"I will fight for a world in which my grandchildren can drink water from rivers, where they can swim without risking their health, where we can hunt, fish, eat and share our daily bounty in reciprocity with Nature."

"That's how Indigenous people of this area have lived for centuries, and a lesson we must learn, lessons I value, and lessons I will take with me to the halls of Congress when elected in November."

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Lorinser is endorsed by the Anishinaabe Caucus of the MDP and began his campaign for US Congress in August of 2021 with an Indigenous Land Acknowledgement.


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