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Blair Anderson — decorated veteran, independent voter — endorses Bob Lorinser for Congress

I am writing to enthusiastically endorse Dr. Bob Lorinser as a Congressional candidate for our district, and ask you to join me in my support.

As a retired Master Sergeant from the United States Air Force, I have had the privilege of serving my country and witnessing firsthand the impact of effective leadership. Dr. Bob embodies the qualities we need in a representative who will prioritize the concerns and interests of small towns and rural areas like Crystal Falls.

A Candidate Who Truly Listens and Understands

Putting Our Community First

Many politicians tend to overlook the needs of small towns and rural areas, leaving us feeling neglected and disconnected. However, my first encounter with Dr. Bob Lorinser at the Crystal Falls Library shattered this perception.

His thoughtful words and genuine concern for our community indicated that he had meticulously considered our unique challenges and had everyone's best interests at heart.

Dr. Bob’s policies are spot on.

Policies That Align With Our Values

Dr. Bob's policies resonated deeply with me and many others in our district. He recognizes the importance of supporting the ideas that are specific to our area.

It is refreshing to have a candidate who genuinely understands the issues faced by our community and is committed to addressing them effectively.

A Leader with an Unwavering Commitment to Service

Beyond his policies, it is Dr. Bob's character that truly sets him apart. As someone who has dedicated my life to serving my country, I value integrity and a deep sense of service.

Dr. Bob's extensive experience as a family physician across the Upper Peninsula — including here in Crystal Falls — coupled with his foreign service, demonstrates his unwavering commitment to serving others.

Having personally experienced the challenges of combat, I find solace in knowing that Dr. Bob understands and empathizes with the struggles faced by veterans.

A Candidate Who Embodies Core Values

Dr. Bob's embodiment of the core values of the Air Force — integrity, service before self, and excellence — further solidifies my endorsement. These values are crucial for effective leadership, especially in Congress.

For most of my early adult life, I voted for Republicans. Having shifted my focus from party affiliation to the character of the individual, I firmly believe that Dr. Bob's commitment to integrity and service will bring much-needed change to Washington.

I am confident that Dr. Bob Lorinser is the ideal candidate to represent our district in Congress. His dedication to our community, understanding of our unique challenges, and alignment with our values make him the clear choice.

I urge you to consider supporting him at the polls in 2024 and right now with a generous contribution, if you’re able. He will be an exceptional leader who will prioritize the needs of small towns and rural areas like ours.

Warm regards,

Blair Anderson

Ret. Master Sergeant, US Air Force

Any mention or depiction of service does not imply an endorsement from the United States Air Force, the State Department, or the Department of Defense.


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