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An ode to all the "mothers" in my life - Bob Lorinser

Today is a special day to celebrate all mothers and their undying devotion to their children. Allow me to honor the motherly figures throughout my life:

My mother worked as a nurse and raised six children by herself, with every odd stacked against her. She did it in the best way she knew how.

At times, we relied on government assistance, but, like so many middle-class fighters, with pure grit, she kept food on the table and love in our home.

Barb Lorinser was softened at the edges but tempered with a spine of steel.

Happy Mothers Day to all, especially the resilient, tenacious, strong women in the rural heartland, where unconditional love continues to mold the American Dream.

  • The Mother of My Children, Peggy, cares for and loves our three children. A mother's love is incomparable, and I'm so grateful you led us all. You're the strongest woman I know.

  • My Grandmother Hilda's warm hugs lightened my days, and I carried her contagious smiles growing up.

  • My Grandmother-in-law Mary saw something special about me that I would never forget.

  • My Mother-in-law Kay, gave me my lifetime friend, partner, and wife, Peggy Sue. Sharing was hard for her, but she would be elated to see us now.

  • The Mothers of my Grandchildren, Amy and Rachel, for giving us the joys of our lives. You were both born to care for others.

  • My daughter-in-law, Macie, for allowing Peggy to be your mother-in-law. I am so delighted you joined our family.

  • My granddaughters, I will celebrate you forever, whether you have children or not. I know you will fulfill that role for whoever deserves your unconditional love. Compassion and care run in your genes.

Let's honor mothers and maternal figures for undertaking the most difficult, most important job on Earth. Mothers are teachers, comforters, disciplinarians, managers, household nurses, financial controllers, breadwinners, and so much more.

To all mothers — past, present, and future — thank you. Biological, adoptive, foster, God, bereaved, at-heart, or expecting, today we commemorate the ultimate source of unconditional love, care, dedication, and strength.

Happy Mothers' Day.


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