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Video: Watch a sneak peek of Dr. Bob's first ad

This is one of the 60 second messages we wanted to get out to voters.

Our team just finalized production on Dr. Bob's first ad. Before it hits the air, we wanted to provide you a sneak peek.
Can you pitch in to help us get this video in front of voters?

Ad space on television will be one of the biggest aspects of a winning campaign. Dr. Bob's opponent hits TV hard. Doc needs to be everywhere the Congressman is to win this race. It's going to be a big part of our advertising budget. Not just TV ad-space, but our digital ads, too, will be considerably more convincing for voters with the addition of video. We need to fund this. In fact, we need to get the message out early, so we're currently running this ad targeted to voters across the political spectrum on social media. An increase in our budget will only help us get this in front of more voters. Tonight, we're humbly asking for you to join us in stepping up for Dr. Bob. From now until April 1st we need to raise $8,700 to get to our quarterly goal. Our goal is based on having enough funds to keep up with the competition by this summer. If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately.

Donate another amount. Check out our video, and if you like what you see, make a contribution. Any amount helps, but $100 will help sponsor great prime time spots on network television and $250 can buy us a day of video advertising on social.

If you want to chat before making a contribution, Dr. Bob is always reading correspondence at Thank you for your consideration, support, and generosity. -Team Dr. Bob

About Dr. Lorinser

For his entire career, Dr. Bob Lorinser (D-MI1) has dedicated his life to the service of his community and country.

After receiving three advanced degrees (Medical Doctor, Masters of Social Work, and Masters in Public Health), Dr. Lorinser worked as a social worker in a Veterans Affairs Hospital and as a physician with the Indian Health Service, serving the Navajo Nation. In 1989, he found his home in Michigan's First District, where he practiced family medicine for three decades.

Dr. Bob joined the U.S. Department of State's Foreign Services in 2011 to serve as a diplomat and Regional Medical Officer. The Lorinsers served the United States for ten years, with tours in Pakistan, South Korea, Afghanistan, Morocco, and Iraq.

When he returned to the states in 2020, Dr. Bob offered his services as Medical Director of Marquette County Health Department. He and his wife of 40 years, Peggy, live in Gwinn and have three children and four granddaughters.

Dr. Bob Lorinser hopes to serve and represent constituents in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. He is unopposed in the Democrat primary and poised to face Rep. Jack Bergman (R, Acme) in the general mid-term election this November. For more information, visit


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