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A government shutdown negatively impacts hard working Americans

Let's hope Congress can avoid a government shutdown, which would be a loss for us all.

Please consider making a contribution to my campaign for Congress to advocate for responsible spending and the preservation of vital social programs.

Congress should work to improve our lives by wisely spending on medical care, education, and environmental protection. It's crucial to invest in medical research, infrastructure, and programs like SNAP. Money well spent.

While it's important to eliminate waste, we shouldn't disregard the social programs that have been created over the past 60 years, as they have contributed to making America a better place for everyone.

Our annual deficit has primarily been caused by tax cuts to the ultra wealthy, not investments in the American people. In fact, we are currently spending less as a percentage of GDP on social programs compared to 60 years ago.

In the event of a government shutdown:

  • Families relying on the SNAP nutrition program for Women, Infants & Children will be turned away at grocery store counters

  • Families in rural areas won't be able to apply for or receive USDA housing loans.

  • Farmers in the midst of harvest season won't have access to new loans.

  • Active-duty military personnel and law enforcement officers won't receive pay

  • The Small Business Administration will not accept, review, or approve any new business loans.

Up to four million workers, including half of the military troops and personnel, could lose their pay.

While Republicans push towards a government shutdown, it's crucial not to overlook the impact it would have on everyday hard-working Americans.


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