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$1.5 billion in rural broadband coming to Michigan, no thanks to Rep. Bergman

President Biden has announced an investment of $42 billion to expand high-speed internet access to the 7% of Americans who suffer from our "digital divide."

This investment will benefit an estimated 8.5 million families and businesses, and 368,390 unserved Michiganders, including many of us in the 1st Congressional District, such as my home in rural Marquette County.

The funding for this initiative comes from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which was passed with bipartisan support in November 2021, despite facing opposition by Representative Jack Bergman.

In order to promote economic development, high-speed internet is not an option but a necessity.

I would have been proud to cast the 'Yea' vote for this bill. Thankfully, Governor Whitmer and President Biden secured the fourth-highest grant funding in the nation to expand high-speed internet to households and small businesses.

Democrats are committed to supporting families, businesses, and workers, and this investment is a reflection of our dedication to these goals.


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