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This is what people have been saying about Dr. Bob Lorinser

Your feedback is so important. Whether commenting on social media, providing responses to our daily e-mails, or contributing a comment at, Dr. Bob loves engaging with voters – especially on the issues.

We're so grateful for the momentum and energy, but we need to get back on pace to meet our monthly fundraising goal. Dr. Bob needs your help to finish the final 2021 quarter strong. Can you chip in?

We can't feature all of them, but here's a summary of just some of our favorite comments this week. If you haven't, we would love it if you contributed, too. Visit us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to join the conversation.


Brian – An impressive resume for sure. I admire your effort to fight against the political winds in this dark time.

Wendy – I believe that Dr. Bob is the antidote to the hate, lies, and division that his competitor is running on. Dr. Bob is living in reality and understands the issues, which are paramount to resolving issues and moving us forward.

Sandy – It's too bad more office-holders don't think the way Dr. Bob Lorinser does. The next election is about saving our democracy!

Terry – I urge others in our district to also contribute so that we can have representation in our district.

Janene – Dr. Bob wants to protect our waters while his opponent, the incumbent, won't do jack!... Compassion should be a requirement for elected officials, and Dr. Bob, you have it! Let's do this!

Cathy – This is who we need as a representative. Vote Dr. Bob! Thank you... Now here's a candidate who cares about the constituents. We need someone like you to represent us in MI1!

Richard – How refreshing to see a candidate with strong, well-conceived policy positions! Dr. Lorinser, you will be our best hope.

How refreshing to see a candidate with strong, well-conceived policy positions! Dr. Lorinser, you will be our best hope. – Richard

Dr. Sarah – Look, MI1, here’s someone who cares about his constituents before they’ve even elected him. We’ve forgotten what that’s like.

Steve – This contest in MI-01 is a high 'bang for your buck' opportunity if you'd like to contribute time or a financial donation to help flip a Congressional seat from negative (read: seditious, vapid) to positive (read: sane, constructive, not traitorous). Please spread the word.

Myla – Finally, a candidate that speaks for the people and not at the people. Truth is a great quality.

BeckyThis is exactly what our entire country needs! We've been divided for far too long.

Bill – I love your message. Much needed in today’s political climate.

Jamie – So nice to see educational posts from we hope - our future congressman in District 1!

KrisYou're doing great, Doc, I'm proud of you! You & Peggy are going to positively change this area!

Deborah – Thank you for caring about the people in your district.

Debra – It would be nice to have a Congressman who communicates with us. The current one hides away behind closed doors.

Laurie – Thank you for seeing and recognizing everyone! Healthcare is one thing where we should all be equal!

Tom – You are the new representation we need in Washington!

John – Sure is nice to see open, honest, transparent positions on policy issues. All we get from the incumbent is fear, hate, lies, and division. No policy, just trolling to rile up the base.

Sean – It was a pleasure to meet with you in Gaylord, Dr. Bob. You are a breath of fresh air in Northern Michigan and I am happy to support your candidacy.

Enough – Northern Michigan and our Country need Dr. Bob Lorinser in Congress. Please get the word out. Let's get him and others elected in 2022.

We need your help translating our social media energy into campaign power to defeat the incumbent. We have a fundraising deadline in five days and we're not at our goal. Help Dr. Bob close out 2021 Q4 strong. Can you chip in?


Bill - Michigan's largest and least represented district, MI01, might have a chance to have someone who will listen to all the people in this area. I'm tired of having a paying someone who hides from the people who aren't going to give him a pass because he's a veteran and who bans people from his public social media accounts for asking questions about his policy positions and congressional voting record.

Heidi - This man would be such a great representative for our region. I recently attended a meeting with Dr. Bob. Universal single-payer healthcare is my #1 priority as well. I was pleased with his response to my question about this. He does support non-profit, universal single-payer and he explained that he will support "anything that moves us closer" so we can get it done. Healthcare should never be a for-profit enterprise! If you get a chance to see Dr. Bob in person, jump at it. It's worth traveling to see and hear this man talk about what he'd like to accomplish. (And what a positive change it would be from our current representation.)

Marge - He is just what we need.

Mary - Convey this to the masses of Michigan District 1: Jack has got to go. Work for Dr. Bob!

Sherry - He’s honest and knowledgeable!

Adele - I like what you stand for and I get a kick out of your sense of humor!

Manny - Thank you. I'm just as motivated as you Dr. Bob. Motivated because it is you that is running to fill a position that has been vacant for many years. Only when Bart Stupak was in congress was I so motivated. I used to tell him "Run for President" every time I saw him. He like you is a true believer in "Of the people, by the people, for the people.”

John - This sounds like someone who knows what we need in the UP and Northern Michigan! Dr. Bob Lorinser for US Congress thanks for taking the time and effort to respond to voters’ questions. Your website provides great information on your positive positions!

Jan - It would be sooooo nice to have a representative that didn’t hide from the public. I’m voting for you Dr. Bob. I believe you are the person who can help steer the ship in these crazy divided times. You seem to have great conflict resolution skills.

Marilyn - We need you! Come to Escanaba during your campaign...I'm sure you'd find a lot of support here!

Richard - Let's put the Doctor in the House! Then we can all say that the Doctor is in the House!

Jeri - Dr. Lorinser knows right from wrong and will work for his district.

Kris - Dr. Bob knows this better than anyone due to being a family practitioner for years and taking such great care of my mom. I don't know many doctors who publicly support nurses & healthcare staff. This is awesome!

Heidi - I just got home from Dr. Bob's meeting. I am very impressed. He's got amazing skills and life experiences. He is an exceptional listener and asks clarifying questions. He really knows us Yoopers and northern Michiganders. He's got some great ideas for ways to keep in touch with constituents (as in us, the voters). Dr. Bob has integrity and explained his principles and how he makes decisions. This would be an awesome change from what we've been getting from the current Rep. for our district.


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