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The Right to Know — How is Congress delivering its Constitutional promise?

The GOP budget does not stand true to the concept of providing Americans a 'freedom from want', one of FDR's pillars of democracy, and we have a right to know why.

No one is asking the government "handout" the American dream, but we all deserve the basic foundations to make the opportunity a reality.

"Promoting the general welfare" is in the preamble of our Constitution, and we're not talking about handouts.

We're talking about effective and efficient government solutions that create a freedom from want for all citizens.

Freedom from want is the economic understanding that hard working Americans deserve basic necessities — human rights, affordable food, medicine, education and shelter.

No one should have to worry about where their next meal is coming from, or if they can clothe their children.

With healthy, educated foundations, citizens can get jobs with livable wages, build careers, buy homes, grow and thrive.

That's the American dream, and everyone deserves a shot at it.

Rockwell painted it.

FDR spoke of it.

The Constitution promises it.

Is your Congressman delivering? You have a right to know.


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