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Shift sign-up: MQT gathers urgent signatures to get Bob on the ballot

Marquette volunteers for Dr. Bob Lorinser are asking citizens to join them in an urgent effort to get Bob Lorinser on the ballot for US Congress.

Marquette County is tasked with collecting 1,000 signatures before April 15 to get Dr. Bob Lorinser on the primary ballot.

To make this happen, we need volunteers to hit the streets and solicit signatures now. If you have an hour or more to spare, please sign up for a shift at

Prime signature locations in Marquette are the Washington Street post office, the downtown shopping corridor and the Secretary of State.

Stop by Dr. Bob's house, 1406 West Avenue, Marquette 15 minutes ahead of your shift. You'll receive some quick training on petitions, a clipboard with petitions and Dr. Bob campaign sign.

The sign does the talking for you. Call/text questions to 906-250-2728. Together, we can do this.

Dr. Bob Lorinser's team previously acquired well over the required amount of signatures to file for nomination, but after learning Republicans may be planning to challenge "Dr." ahead of his name on previous petitions, the Lorinser campaign is risking nothing and now recirculating many new petition sheets before filing in April.


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