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Re: Abortion and states's rights "Sorry, I don’t trust Trump" - Dr. Bob Lorinser

When Republican legislators say they want “abortion to be a state decision”, they mean they want to make it more difficult for women across the country to get reproductive care, contraception, and IVF.

The GOP knows their plan to ban abortion federally isn’t popular, so they’re passing the buck to the states to stomp on women’s rights for now.

Trump supporting “state's rights” regarding abortion is just an attempt to neutralize Democrats for a presidential election.

Most Americans believe the SCOTUS decision overturning Roe v Wade is unjust, and Trump Republicans know candidates like me will fight like hell to rectify it.

Sorry, I don’t trust Trump, his actions, or his intentions. He's proud he overturned Roe. This is for political gain, for power, nothing more.

My opponent, Rep. Jack Bergman was a co-sponsor of two bills banning abortions nationally, one that would imprison medical providers. He votes against contraception and supports federal restrictions to IVF.

That type of draconian perspective doesn't change. It just becomes dormant for an election.

Reproductive healthcare is healthcare. Healthcare should be considered a human right in every state in the nation and with your help, I'll work hard in Congress to ensure geography isn't a factor in every American's quality of care.


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