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Our founders asked us to form a more perfect union, let's live up to that dream

The best way to create a more perfect union is to give everyone a voice. Can you pitch in $22 today? We need to replace a Representative who tried to subvert our democracy, take away your vote, and silence us all.

We currently have a Representative intent on dividing us against each other for political gain. A contribution from you today will help me replace him, protect democracy, and preserve our union.

Our founders left us one perpetually unfinished task: "Form a more perfect union." We have done it in fits and starts, but the duty bestowed upon Americans is always incomplete. The actual "American dream" lies within the pursuit.

When Madison and Jefferson framed the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence — they meticulously chose every word, ambiguous or direct. Benjamin Franklin coined the term "more perfect." The architects of our Constitution's preamble intentionally designed the American Dream to improve forever, evolve, and progress.

The Constitution is a living, breathing document. The American Dream is not to achieve perfection. It's to work hard and strive to be better every day.

If anyone thinks Democrats are perfect, think again. The platform across the aisle also has flaws. We are all imperfect. I am imperfect. But, if I'm honored to be your Representative, I can promise my perpetually unfinished task will be to make our lives better — more perfect.

When serving, a Congressman's job is never complete, and I will never relinquish my duty to you.

Our country needs to confront many issues — inflation, energy, civil rights, climate change, war, domestic terrorism, violence, and injustice. But, we don't stand a chance against any of it unless we save our democracy.

It's why my campaign is working so hard to connect with and listen to as many constituents as possible. I want to bring a more representational perspective to Congress.

Not everyone agrees on direction, but "We the People" are all on this journey together, and I will always work to steer us toward the dreams of our Fathers.

— Dr. Bob


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