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Michigan rep opposes broadband funding, then takes credit for $2 billion in awkward TV ad

Jack Bergman's opponent, Dr. Bob Lorinser, is calling foul on a new TV ad placed by the incumbent Representative. "Don't lie to win," says Lorinser. "Lying to voters is wrong. Bergman didn't support rural broadband.

Campaign ads with misinformation and disinformation don't erase half a decade of Bergman's atrocious voting record. Can you make a contribution right now so Dr. Bob Lorinser can combat Bergman's lies with reasonable solutions based in reality and truth?

FACT: Bergman voted against the infrastructure Investment and Jobs Acts

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act allocated $2 billion in funding to the USDA's Rural Utilities Service, which runs the ReConnect program funding rural broadband. This law required 80% of the monies be spent in rural areas without current high-speed access.

FACT : Bergman voted against rural broadband.

FACT: All of his proposed bills on rural broadband were introduced in Congress over one to two years ago without even a vote.

"We spent hours fact-checking my opponent and found so much more disinformation," says Lorinser. "It is genuinely disgusting. His real record only shows what he hasn't done. It's remarkably unimpressive. Look at his record. Look at his votes.

"I am tired of politicians grandstanding and lying to get votes," said Dr. Bob Lorinser. "My opponent is deceiving voters. Jack Bergman thinks he can swoop the last 30 days of the election and trick everyone into overlooking his record, but voters deserve nothing but the truth."

Lorinser is encouraging voters to reject Jack Bergman's "dishonesty" at the polls. "We need an honest representative with dignity and integrity. It's time for principled leadership in Northern Michigan and the UP."



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