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Lorinser issues statement on conflict between Hamas and Israel

Official Statement | Oct. 13, 2023

The tragic ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel will not provide a solution to their issues. It's also critically important to differentiate between militant Hamas and innocent Palestinian civilians.

Hamas, part of an alliance with Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah in Lebanon, refuses to recognize Israel and has called for Israel's destruction since its founding in 1988.

I condemn the unprovoked attacks by Hamas terrorists against Israeli civilians and its mission to destroy Israel. I also condemn the developing humanitarian crisis.

This conflict has been developing for almost four decades. A diplomatic solution is needed. War is not the answer. Gaza and Israel should strive for peace.

The first step is for Hamas to acknowledge Israel's existence, followed by Israel working with Palestinian leaders to find a resolution.

There are several solutions on the table. Until one is agreed to, unfortunately, war is inevitable and endangers the lives of innocent Palestinians and Israelis alike. My thoughts are with the innocent civilians who are victims of this terrible conflict.

We need leaders committed to achieving permanent peace to step up, negotiate, allow humanitarian aid in, and begin long-term peace talks.

Dr. Bob Lorinser, MD, MSW, MPH

Candidate for US Congress

Northern Michigan & the Upper Peninsula

Democrat, MI01


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