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Highlights from my day on the campaign trail - Nov. 30

I read an interesting advertorial tonight in Curtis at the Indivisible Central UP meeting – the Headline, "Bergman Cripples Our Democracy." No place is too out of the way, no group is too small. Thank you to all the activists who met up last night. Your energy and hope inspires me. When we're united, we are indivisible.

Yesterday, we began the day releasing an environmental policy we shared with you, with a note about our November fundraising deadline. We're happy to say we're on pace now to put up a very competitive number this quarter against Bergman. Your generosity is humbling. I'm grateful for your support. We need campaign finance reform, folks. Candidates and elected officials should concentrate on voter engagement and service, not raising money. The sad reality is until I'm in office and can fight for reform, our grassroots contributors are competing with corporate PAC checks and dark money. We're frugal, staying toe for toe with Bergman in voter engagement and your donations are going a long way. Thank you.

Our Visit with Bell Forest Products

My team and I spent the afternoon at Bell Forest Products, learning about their business and welcoming the press to our listening tour. We got an inside look at one of the leading online wood suppliers. We've been making several stops at local businesses to explore how hard-working family businesses drive economies by sustaining a job force and the environment. I'm taking a deep interest in how companies like Bell are navigating the pandemic and sustainably using natural resources. I'm getting an inside look at "Made in the USA" products in Michigan's 1st Congressional District. Valuable stuff. Bell Forest Products works closely with suppliers to ensure responsible forestry practices. Its log and lumber suppliers actively combat illegal logging. In 2019, Bell Forest Products was also part of the Small Manufacturers Energy Waste Reduction Incentive pilot program. Michigan Energy Office awarded Bell a $9,844 rebate for energy efficiency improvements.

Impressive operation. We're visiting establishments all across the district because a true representative of Northern Michigan and the U.P. should be embedded in their communities. We must meet constituents and visit their businesses to get a hands-on perspective of their challenges and successes. I'm gaining insight into how we can move the economy forward and improve the lives of hard-working families.

Devastating News

We were all hit with very sobering news yesterday. The incident at Oxford High School was devastating. The death of multiple students and injuries to several others, including a teacher by a 15-year-old with a semiautomatic handgun, is horrific. I grieve with the Oxford community, and my heart goes out to the school faculty, staff, and students who experienced unthinkable chaos and loss. Today our hearts are with those grieving, the parents who are sat down last night for dinner trying to comfort scared children, and with the families who had an empty seat at the table. It's never enough without societal change and justice, but for now I hope all will accept our profound condolences and prayers. Gun violence is a public health issue.

Inspired by Indivisible Central Upper Peninsula

We finished the evening in Curtis, Michigan, at the Indivisible Meeting at the beautiful Chamberlain Ole Forest Inn.

Thank you to our hosts. Indivisible Central UP is a group of friends and neighbors working for peace, people, and the environment by engaging with political representatives. They are active and energized. It inspires me and gives me hope.

We have to believe we can win this race. When we know we can win – and in the upcoming weeks, I'll share our path to victory with you – our enthusiasm and energy are contagious. If there's any contagion the world needs right now, it's hope. We know we have to work hard to get out the vote. We know we have to convert one in 12 swing voters to see we're offering a better path forward than Jack Bergman. It's doable, I just have to reach them. We know we have to raise enough funds to do it. But, there are so many things in our favor this election cycle, and we can't afford another two more years of the incumbent. We can do this. We will win. It's time we stand up, speak up, and demand to be served by someone with dignity and a moral compass. I intend to be that kind of representative. Join me and stay on the lookout in the next few days for press coverage of the campaign. We're on a roll. Today we're visiting the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter for a celebrity fundraiser and traveling to Delta County to speak with voters and party leaders.

Thank you, and have a great morning. Yours, –Dr. Bob


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