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Why I'm running for Congress

I am rerunning for Congress in the 2024 election to represent Northern Michigan and the UP to do my part in empowering and educating voters — showing them that we all deserve a better path forward.

We need to court hardworking, rural citizens, including a plurality of voters who may have supported Republicans in the district since 2011, and speak to them so that our voices are heard. Donate now.

It's essential Democrats highlight what we have done — and will do — to improve lives. We need to alleviate fears and concerns. No one wants to destroy the economic and family values that we all share. We dream of and fight for a future of fairness, equality, empathy, and compassion.

We must compare and contrast this vision with our opponent's.

We have challenges ahead, because as Democrats in the 1st, we are judged not for who we are. Our opponents have unjustifiably mislabeled us "socialists" or "job destroyers." These are nothing more than political fear tactics.

Congress has 170+ lawyers and 80+ veterans representing districts on the Hill, but not one trusted family physician, neither a Democrat nor a Republican. When our Nation's number one issue is a lack of affordable and accessible healthcare, we need a doctor in the House. I will lead Congress in the fight for a publicly funded national health insurance program that fully covers medical care costs for all US citizens.

When the Nation suffers from diseases of despair — drugs, alcohol, suicide, and a mental health crisis — my training and work as a social worker and an addiction specialist are invaluable.

My experience as a Diplomat serving our Nation for a decade is needed when world insecurity is increasing.

That is why I am running; to problem solve and to address our Nation's needs.

We have a lot of work to do. We have unfinished business, and I will do my part to lead us forward, but I need you in my corner.

We will address our failing healthcare system and make mental healthcare investments. We will invest in workers, families, and infrastructure. We will advocate for livable wages and support small businesses and organized labor. We will improve the training and education of all Americans. And we must have a national energy plan to transition to green, sustainable energy sources.

Defending civil rights and voting rights is a must for us to maintain our democracy. Immigration reform with ethical border security and a compassionate foreign policy will again elevate the United States as the world's moral leader.

We must save Social Security, advocate for affordable housing, public transportation, agriculture and farming, domestic manufacturing, protect our environment, and more.

For over a decade, Democrats in Michigan's First District have been blue dots in a red sea. We must change the tide; a two-cycle strategy is the most viable way forward. I look forward to another season advocating for all of us in Northern Michigan and the UP, across the state, and throughout the Nation.

I am running again for my grandchildren to live in a better future, for the hardworking families of America's rural heartland, for us, for you.

Join me.

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