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Fentanyl use and addiction in Northern Michigan require immediate attention

We cannot ignore the impact this deadly substance has on rural families.

As a trained physician expert in addiction, Dr. Bob provided local services to the Upper Peninsula for years, and now it is time for his expertise to be in Congress.

We must address the widespread distribution and sale of this deadly substance that is causing harm to our communities. We need to take a firm stance against those who are involved in the distribution of fentanyl.

Sufficient resources for establishing comprehensive addiction treatment programs and support services for those struggling with addiction are crucial. By providing individuals with the necessary resources and support, we can help them overcome their addiction and live fulfilling lives without substance abuse.

According to the National Rural Health Association, multiple solutions provide hope:

There are only a few Democratic physicians in Congress. When health care accounts for 30% of our national budget and substance abuse and addictions ravage our families, we need a Doctor in the House.


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