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Economic Viability

Economic viability enables us to thrive from jobs with living wages - Dr. Bob has developed over two dozen positions relating to the economy.

View Doc's economic positions.

Dr. Bob is a long-time Democrat, interested in independent, reasonable solutions that best fit the First District, regardless of which side of the aisle those solutions originate. He is hyperfocused on the reunification of our communities and country.

Regardless of which party voters affiliate, he strives to be the Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan's 'voice of reason' in Washington, dedicated to advancing policies that reflect our common goals. Lorinser is confident his developing initiatives will be much more representative of the district's values and priorities than the current incumbent.

Complete policy statements will be forthcoming. Developing this page is a work in progress.

Dr. Bob stands on certain principles that will guide his policy decisions. The issues below provide valuable insights into where he stands on critical topics, but he and his team are diligently drafting details and specifics to soon establish a robust policy initiative. Dr. Bob is seeking to be a true representative of the people of the 1st District, and it involves feedback from the constituency.

As Dr. Bob's initiative takes shape, we are welcoming input from constituents across the 1st to better understand how the current lack of representation is affecting their families. Please feel free to submit your perspective here.

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