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Dr. Bob slams opponent’s response to masking lift “I listen to experts. Bergman isn’t one."

"I am incredibly disappointed that Jack Bergman decided to play partisan politics with people's health.” – Dr. Bob Lorinser

On lifting the elementary school mask requirement – "It was never about the science - it has always been about the political science. The Democrat Marquette Health Director is running for Congress and has obviously seen the polling data - parents are fed-up!" - Team Bergman

MARQUETTE, Mich. — Since the start of my campaign, we have ensured that any announcements regarding public health come from my official capacity as the Marquette County Health Department (MCHD) Medical Director. Let me be clear. No public health decisions have been influenced by my run for Congress, political affiliation, or in consultation with my campaign team.

Jack Bergman's insult to my health department, suggesting we used political polling data to make these decisions is wrong, plainly, and absolutely wrong. My opponent criticized my colleagues' decisions to mask up in September and then mocked the health department for lifting the order. Physicians and public health officers are doing what's right — at the appropriate times — for the health and safety of the community, not a political agenda.

I am incredibly disappointed that Jack Bergman decided to play partisan politics with people's health. His attacks are shameful, harmful, and dishonest. He creates more division and discord and isn't interested in solving real problems. I do not see my opponent contributing to mitigation strategies in any meaningful way.

I challenge my opponent to offer meaningful solutions to today's problems. Tell us what you would do, please. Offer something substantive. Just once.

Public health is not subject to polling data. I will not play partisan games with public health or science.
Mask Order Rescind PSA
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MCHD explained their decision in detail, something my opponent rarely does. A civil debate on the merits of our decision is worthy of discussion without empty rhetoric and unwarranted political attacks on health department colleagues. I implore Jack Bergman to use science and facts in his arguments so we can have an honest debate.

As the Medical Director for Marquette County Health Department during COVID-19, I'm reminded of the importance of principled leadership. Leaders make tough decisions — decisions that might not always be the most popular, but they ought to be the most informed.

I have done this as a medical director. I participate in these conversations daily — locally, in our state, and nationally. At times I have agreed with approaches. At other times I have disagreed with approaches. Others have disagreed with me, but we all follow science, data, and expert opinions. We do not follow empty political slogans.

The pandemic is far more complex than a tagline or a Tweet.

Soon, we will transition and learn how to live with COVID-19. I see it fast approaching, but I know we are not out of the woods yet. In time, COVID-19 will join other respiratory illnesses, and our approach will be different than it is today. Our current strategies are inevitably different than last September.

Many of us see the political climate today in disgust. We distrust our leaders. Americans are fed up, and we have lost our ability to have civil conversations about important issues.

This is precisely why I am running to unseat Jack Bergman as our representative in Congress. We need to use democracy to unelect politicians who refuse to pursue truth, and it's time for ethical, transparent, honest leaders to take the helm.

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