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Dirty money means dirty politics

For obvious reasons, we don't hear it from candidates enough, but it needs to be said. The control of Big Money over politics—and the corporatocracy of our nation—is deeply concerning.

The dominance of corporations has had a negative impact on small businesses and farms, with only a few giant companies controlling a significant share of almost every industry. While our GDP has tripled over the past few generations, small businesses have decreased by half.

This trend is alarming and extends to politics. Trust in our Supreme Court and Congress is eroding. Representation has shifted from the interests of the people to the priorities of corporate donors, lobbyists, political parties, and special interests.

This disconnect has left many Americans disillusioned and disengaged from the political process. We need reform.

I am proud that my campaign is 100% grassroots-funded, fueled by people pitching in what they can. I refuse to be influenced by political power brokering or compromise my principles for campaign finances, and our recent fundraising successes reflect that — a campaign of, by, and for everyday people.

My commitment is to address issues with honesty, integrity, and a focus on solving problems. I am driven not by the lure of prestige, but by a genuine desire to better-serve the people of the greatest district in the country.

First, we must overturn Citizens United and prioritize hardworking families, not Big Money. It's not too late to restore the dignity our democracy deserves, and that's why I'm in this fight.


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