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Congress should not "halt" infrastructure talks to address the supply chain; it can do both

Dr. Bob Lorinser, candidate for US Congress in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula, says two critical issues facing the House are not either/or. "We must do both."

ISHPEMING, Mich. – My opponent, Jack Bergman, recently suggested Congress "halt" discussion on the Hill about infrastructure improvements to address the worldwide bottlenecked supply chain.

My expectations are higher. Congress is capable of doing both.

Global supply chain problems are urgent and deserve immediate Congressional action, but these issues are not new. This describes the current origins of the massive COVID-related supply chain problem.

"Throughout the pandemic, businesses of all sizes have faced delays, product shortages, and rising costs linked to disruptions in the global supply chain. Consumers have been confronted with an experience rare in modern times: no stock available, and no idea when it will come in."

It's time for the private sector and government to work together to address the root causes and find solutions that prevent bottlenecking to this degree from happening again.

Addressing our crumbling and inadequate infrastructure is another urgent issue deserving immediate attention.

I disagree with Jack, again. Congress is capable of handling more than one urgent issue at once. Get to work. Do your job. Do it well. The well-being of the nation you serve depends on you.


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