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Americans have had enough

Without the backing of the Freedom Caucus, Rep. Emmer has dropped out and it's back to square one for the GOP.

The dysfunction in Washington is unbelievable and unprecedented. It's crystal clear Rep. Jack Bergman is not an answer, but how can the GOP not find a single unifying leader?

Regardless of political affiliation - Republican, Democrat, Independent - Americans have grown tired of the ongoing political gridlock in Congress. The power-plays, the politicking, the power broking needs to end immediately.

The lack of consensus among Republicans, including those in the ultraconservative House Freedom Caucus and loyalists to former President Trump, has prevented Rep. Emmer from being selected as the Republican's speaker-elect.

It is unacceptable for one branch of the government to be dysfunctional. We are witnessing an attempt to destroy democracy, with an extreme minority of a single party holding Congress hostage.

Both parties must come together to select a candidate who will work for all Americans. Now is the time for cooperation, collaboration, and compromise.

It's a time for leadership to shine and for the courageous to act. We must heal, mend fences, and move forward for the betterment of all Americans. It is absolutely imperative that the next vote for Speaker has a majority of Congress voting 'Yes.'


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