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American confidence in the future plummets for two decades

For the last two decades, Americans have described our nation's economy as "poor/not so good." Further, confidence in our children's future has plummeted.

I am an eternal optimist. I love my country so much because of its profound ability to be better and form a more perfect every day. But, I need your help advocating for better policy to move us forward and restore public trust. Can you chip in today? Donate now.

For the last two decades, Americans "don't feel confident" that life for our children's generation will be better than it has been for us. For the last two decades!

Why? This question and solutions to resolve it are what a US Representative should focus on and fight for.

America lacks social solidarity-interdependence between individuals and across groups. We need an "Everybody in, nobody out" philosophy.

Social solidarity leads to policies that benefit public well-being. We will regain our confidence in our future by improving our cohesiveness as a Nation. How? Eternal optimism in how we address some of the issues below.

How to regain confidence in our future

  • Address the federal deficit via revenue and spending. Tax reform must include asking corporations and the ultrawealthy to pay their fair share.

  • Increase education and training for people who need better access.

  • Improve the living standards for lower- and middle-income Americans, which have stagnated during the past few decades, with support for workers and unions and advocate for livable wages.

  • Always pay attention to our infrastructure.

  • Fight for equity and non-discrimination for all Americans.

  • A publicly funded, non-profit national health insurance program that will fully cover medical costs for all Americans.

  • Protect our elderly by making Medicare and Social Security sustainable well into the future.

  • Address our planet's future by addressing climate change and protecting our environment.

Restoring confidence in public leadership will make our political system more responsive to future people's needs.

  • Work to limit the influence of money on politics.

  • Increase substantially the number of Americans who vote.

  • Help our leaders be more principled and practical. Ethics, communications, collaboration, cooperation, and compromise are essential democratic ideals, and without such, America can't function effectively, and we will lose our trust.

Without trust, without hope, we lose our future.

Can you chip in today to help me fight to restore public trust and confidence in our future? Help this eternal optimist develop and advocate for policy that will enhance our children's lives for decades to come. If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:


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