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“My opponent holds serious culpability for assault on U.S. Democracy” – Dr. Bob Lorinser

As Jan. 6, 2022 approaches, Dr. Bob Lorinser – candidate for U.S. Congress opposing the embattled incumbent – reminds voters of the events and narratives that lead to the assault on the Capitol one year ago.

WASHINGTON, DC. – As we approach the tragic anniversary of the Jan. 6, 2021 assault on the Capitol, let me be very clear – My opponent may not have planned or participated directly in the riots, but he holds serious blame for the cause.

He perpetuated a narrative that supported an attack on our Nation's Capitol. He pushed a conspiracy theory that had no basis in truth, nor was it fueled by any evidence. Instead, he instilled fear and anger into his constituency that motivated them to travel to D.C. and commit acts of crime against our Republic.

My opponent's role in these events is serious. When leaders speak without regard to the truth, the fallout can be extreme.

The incumbent was complicit, complacent, and endorsed the #BigLie. These behaviors are the textbook definition of demagoguery.

Three strikes, and you are out.

Strike #1

One year ago, out of blind, amoral loyalty, my opponent postured for political points and objected to the results of a free and fair election. His allegations of voter fraud were fabricated, made up.

The vast majority of voters and the objective data — including conservative-led audits — do not subscribe to the myth of widespread voter fraud.

Strike #2

On Jan. 6, 2021, Congress met jointly to certify the winner of the Electoral College vote, typically a ceremonial affair. It was far from ordinary. Following the first domestic attack on the Capitol, my opponent voted against the certification of the election.

After his recent attempt to block the votes of hundreds of thousands of his constituents, should he be allowed to be our Representative?

What or who prompted him to do this?

Strike #3

Time and again, my opponent disregarded facts. Even when his constituents asked him whether President Joe Biden was legitimately elected, he and lead members of his staff could not or would not answer, 'yes.'

When asked if he regrets his vote to undermine our democracy, my opponent responded, "Short answer 'No.' Long answer 'Hell no.'" His response is despicable.

He told this untruth with the reckless abandonment of the consequences and disregarded our Constitution. Unfortunately, my opponent then doubled down on the lie and has yet to admit culpability.

Doubling down on a lie isn't strength. It's dishonorable.

Every American has the right to disagree with the policies of any elected official. It's even dutiful to speak up against policies with which we disapprove. The beauty of a democracy is we can express our distaste for the President and speak up against their performance. Voters may not like the result of any given election, but a Congressman repeatedly challenging Presidential election results without evidence or facts is wrong and dangerous.

After an exhaustive, eight-month, taxpayer-funded investigation, Michigan Republican State Senator Ed McBroom — who represents a large portion of our district — said, "There is no evidence presented at this time to prove either significant acts of fraud or that an organized, wide-scale effort to commit fraudulent activity was perpetrated in order to subvert the will of Michigan voters."

How should my opponent be held accountable for these actions?

In the best way possible — by a free and fair election. It is my hope the constituency of Michigan's First District votes to unelect the incumbent this November and hold him accountable for his dishonesty, poor leadership, and brazen disregard for the sanctity of our elections.

Let's use the power of democracy to bring ethical, honest, transparent, and moral leadership to Congress for Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. I would be honored to serve in this capacity for the great people of the First District.

Regardless of anyone's political affiliations, no one deserves to be lied to. Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or Green, citizens of every political party deserve to be counted and represented. We must be able to entrust our leaders to provide citizens with the truth. Honesty is the most basic expectation of leadership. Our district deserves a Representative who believes in democracy and will honor the will of the people.

Congress is no place for liars. It's time to retire my opponent.


My opponent didn't honor the will of the people, we must stand up for voting rights

Whether or not you vote Republican or Democrat, your right to vote should be protected. This is not a partisan issue.

Dr. Bob Lorinser Voting Rights Image

If you agree your Representative should fight voter suppression, I need your help continuing my public service. I will work to expand voting rights. Your generous financial contribution will help me advocate for the integrity of our elections. With your support, I will champion this issue on the campaign trail and during my term when I'm honored to serve in Congress.

WASHINGTON, D.C.. — The Senate could not advance important #VotingRights legislation. You won't hear any objection about it from my opponent. Three times in the past year he stood against voting rights, and never honored the will of the people in last November's election.

Senate Republicans blocked the John Lewis Voting Rights Act from advancing on Wednesday when the Senate took a procedural vote on whether to open debate on the legislation.

In October, the 'Freedom to Vote Act' was blocked from making its way for debate on the Senate floor. This was a compromised, scaled-back version of the For The People Act that passed the House without my opponent's vote.

The Freedom to Vote Act would have:

  • Automated voter registration through the DMV

  • Declared Election Day a public holiday

  • Allowed 15 days of early voting for federal elections

  • Curtailed partisan gerrymandering

  • Enforced stronger FEC campaign finance laws

  • Required Super-PACs to report their donors

The bill would have protected our elections from interference, dark money, partisan gerrymandering, and voter suppression. It also included compromised provisions clarifying state voter ID laws.

Voter suppression benefits no one. I may disagree with a voter’s vote and be displeased with an election result. However, no one has a right to suppress votes or call our free and fair democratic election invalid. As we move forward to advance our union, we should ensure safe, secure, and fair elections are accessible to as many eligible voters as possible.


Additionally, as recently as Aug. 20 my opponent continues to stand behind his vote against certifying the 2020  election, referencing Antrim County‘s alleged discrepancies. Arizona — a state in which my opponent objected to election results — conducted a GOP-led audit. It confirmed the vote was accurate. Because this result was politically inconvenient for my opponent, now he is calling the Big Lie a distraction.

My opponent twice tried to invalidate a free and fair election, attempts that have been proven over and over again to be unjustified and ill-intended.

A Republican-led / bipartisan Michigan Senate Oversight Committee found no evidence of voter fraud. There is no reputable evidence of significant voter or election fraud, as certified by all 50 states’ Republican and Democrat election committees. Challenges to the validity of the election are refuted, and many court challenges support the integrity of the 2020 election.

Here are the facts:

In 2016, our country elected Donald Trump in a fair and free election. In 2020 we elected Joe Biden. We are a democracy, and we need to allow the people’s will—and the votes they cast—to guide us.

  1. As a nation, we should collectively want all eligible voters to vote. Unfortunately, on average, just over half of all eligible voters exercise this right. We must support any efforts to register eligible voters and remove any barriers for American citizens to exercise their rights.

  2. We need to recognize and promote multiple methods of casting a ballot. In-person, mail-in, and absentee ballots are all valid and secure.

  3. Despite the constant rhetoric coming from opponents to democracy, we have and will continue to have elections absent of widespread voter fraud, but continued investment in safeguarding our elections against any foreign influence is vital.

  4. Gerrymandering to support one candidate over another is not who we are, and we must seek to end this practice. I support independent, non-partisan redistricting committees to evaluate maps and redraw them fairly and accurately. Maps should not give an unfair advantage to any party, Democratic or Republican.

  5. Strengthening our governmental ethics and campaign finance rules to protect our democracy is necessary.

Dr Bob Voting Rights Policy List

Our system is not perfect, and I support improvements to our election. The House has passed two bills that would protect our democracy and the right to vote, both would bring necessary improvements and enhancements to our system:

  1. In March, the For The People Act, H.R. 1 passed the House. My opponent did not vote on the bill. The bill is designed to improve access, promote integrity, and ensure the security of our elections. If I were in Congress as your Representative, I would have voted for this bill.

  2. On August 24, 2021, my opponent voted against the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, H.R. 4. This bill aims to protect the right to vote and would strengthen the Voting Rights Act of 1965. It would make any voter restriction efforts more difficult for states to implement in the future. If I were in Congress as your Representative, I would have voted for this bill.

My opponent voted against certifying a fair election. He did not cast a vote on the For the People Act, and he voted no on the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

These are three positions that don’t reflect and represent our district, nor do they promote the will of the people. I fundamentally disagree with my opponent because our democracy is stronger when it is accessible to as many eligible voters as possible.

I'm humbly asking for your support in making this reality when honored to be a Representative for Northern Michigan and the UP.

Thank you for your consideration.


-Dr. Bob

Robert J. Lorinser, Democratic Candidate for U.S. Congress | Michigan 1st District

The Dr. Bob Lorinser campaign for U.S. Congress started a new fundraising quarter on Jan. 1, 2022. After successfully completing a three-month, six-figure milestone, the campaign seeks to expand outreach to the new 1st Congressional District in Michigan, comprising of six new counties across nearly 30,000 square miles. This effort takes a lot of resources. Can you chip in today?


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