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Q&A with Dr. Bob — "How have you served your country?"

We all serve our country – some with a uniform and others without.

You don’t have to wear a military uniform to serve our country. Can you make a contribution right now so I can let more people know about my background of service? I want voters to rest-assured their future Congressman values duty to country.

Members of the 1st District have asked me if I have served our country as my opponent has. This is my answer.

Like many nonmilitary members of our country, I serve with pride and dedication but without a uniform. Service looks different for all Americans.

Volunteering to help Veterans and working at a food bank or homeless center serves our country by fellow Americans.

Teachers serve our country because they educate America’s future.

Firefighters, and police officers, you have served your county by protecting us.

Nurses, doctors, childcare workers, and long-term care aids have all served our country through the care you render.

Farmers, workers, and business owners who treat employees well and not like commodities, you have served your country because of the ideals and principles you represent.

Informed voters, poll workers, local clerks, and anyone who participates or promotes our election process; this is service.

Like other dedicated servicemembers, I have worked overseas as a diplomat, serving my country by promoting and advancing a free, peaceful, and prosperous world.

Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, and daughters who have lost loved-ones in America’s wars have served this country.


I have served my country as a social worker, physician, and diplomat in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Korea, North Africa, and Iraq. In addition, I have served as a volunteer, an informed voter, a law-abiding citizen, and a public health medical director during the COVID pandemic.

I have worked for the VA, at an Air Force base, and with the US State Department for nearly half of my career.

I love my country, and with your help, I intend to continue serving as your next Representative in the United States Congress.


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