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Lorinser slams Bergman and Boebert for seeking to axe House diversity office

Rep. Jack Bergman joined extremists in the so-called 'Freedom Caucus' by supporting a resolution to remove diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in Congress.

The mission of the DEI office is to increase diversity among congressional staffers to reflect the diversity of the U.S. population. Help Bob get to Congress to protect DEI initiatives.

The sponsor, Rep. Alex Mooney, stated the office is "the latest woke liberal method of injecting cultural Marxism into the workplace" and "these offices start with the premise that white people are inheritably racist and oppressive."

The claims Jack Bergman supports are wrong, full of logical fallacies, and regressive.

  • As a rural white male, I am not threatened or ashamed of a program paving the way for all people to advance.

  • The office does not discriminate nor believes white people are inherently racist and oppressive.

  • DEI isn't an Affirmative Action

The House Office of DEI helps prospective House employees by offering training, mock interviews, and résumé reviews. Hardly threatening.

My opponent's fear of diversity exposes fragility and weakness not reflective of the true values of Michigan's 1st District.

Before Bergman rendered his support, did he talk with the office members? Did he attempt to understand what they do and believe? I doubt it. He followed the Freedom Caucus's claim that it's "Marxism."

Marxism? Really? I doubt Jack Bergman even knows what that means.

We must support and assist our fellow Americans who want to work hard and help our country, its values, and goals.

Bergman wants to eliminate Congressional diversity programs from our democracy. I intend to democratically remove Bergman from Congress and protect programs that promote diversity.


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