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Industry in Northern Michigan / U.P. is world-class

As the U.S. develops plans to prioritize ‘Made in American’ companies, Dr. Bob Lorinser, candidate for U.S. Congress in Northern Michigan, highlights what the initiative could mean for production in a rural district.

AMASA, Mich. – At the recent NCAA Championship tournament and the NBA All-Star Game, Northern Michigan and the UP again made its mark.

Connor Sports in Amasa has been supplying the Final Four courts to the NCAA since 2006. They use sustainably harvested, first-grade, northern hard maple.

Horner Flooring in Dollar Bay also just recently supplied the court for the NBA All Star Game.

There's lot to be proud of here in the 1st District when companies employ Yoopers, responsibly use Made In Michigan natural resources, and lead the Nation in quality flooring.

As long as we're constantly vigilant to stay environmentally conscious and responsible, this can can be a prime example of how our district can contribute to a 'Made in America' initiative. It means a resurgence of our domestic production. Our district might be rural, but we contribute a great deal to the production of goods and materials on which Americans and the rest of the world depend.

In this district, we thrive in the production of electronic circuit boards, medical devices, lumber, industrial equipment and fabrics, machinery, aerospace, raw materials, agricultural goods, and so much more.

Products Made in Northern Michigan and the U.P. contribute to a better quality of life for all citizens.

In what ways?
  • Producing products in the district creates family-sustaining, well-paying jobs and enables the mutual success of workers and employers.

  • Purchasing and contracting within the region keeps trade local, boosts employment rates, helps municipal tax bases, grows population naturally and gradually, and ensures regional resilience in a fluctuating global economy.

  • Creating jobs in the district is an investment in our future. It leads to higher consumer spending rates, helps businesses succeed, decreases poverty, and improves the efficacy of other federal resources. Less financial stress on a community decreases crime rates, civil unrest, violence, and addiction.

  • Improving the environment where Northern Michiganders and Yoopers work bolsters business productivity, boosts employee retention, and fosters a healthier community.

  • Living in a community where citizens value local products and services is priceless to our culture and way of life.

How can we do more?
  • Mobilize existing grit and talent.

  • Attract new investment and talent.

  • Create business-friendly communities by incubating start-ups and fostering innovation.

  • Provide businesses the tools, resources, and partnerships they need to outsource within Michigan.

  • Revitalize trade schools, STEM programs, and other non-traditional education programs to supply high worker demand.

  • Improve infrastructure to make it possible for workers to commute, deliver and access all the necessary tools to supply consumer demand.

  • Protect and improve the environment to create a place where workers want to live, work, and enjoy.

As your Representative, no matter which side of the aisle an idea originates, I will support economic 'Made in America' solutions that prevent off-shoring and enable the Northern Michigan and U.P. economy to thrive.

Let's get to work.


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