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Identity politics is for the birds. I'm running for Congress to represent all of us.

Identity politics can be limiting and divisive. As a candidate for Congress, I aim to represent and serve all individuals, transcending the boundaries of my identity.

I have cared for and learned from a diverse range of patients throughout my career as a physician. Their unique differences did not affect the quality of care I provided. I will bring the same approach to serving my constituents.

We must see beyond our own identity.

  • It doesn't matter which religious institution you belong to or if you don't follow any religion at all.

  • I am committed to advocating for both the young and the elderly.

  • I strongly believe in equity for people of all races and ethnicities and individuals of any gender or sexual orientation.

  • Regardless of your economic background, I will treat everyone with the same level of dignity and respect.

I was honored to learn from and care for tens of thousands of different people, and I served them as I wished my own family to be cared for.

Politics should be like healing medicine. Operate from compassion and empathy, look beyond ourselves, and help everyone, whether you've lived in their shoes or not.

For example, I will fight for reproductive rights because I know what it's like to be in a patient's room with a pregnant woman in the most vulnerable situation of their life, uncertain if she can survive the birth of a viable, healthy infant.

But, my ultimate goal is to unite all people in Northern Michigan and the UP, even if we don't see eye to eye. I will utilize the skills and wisdom I have gained to support you, your friends, and your families to the best of my abilities.

We are all neighbors. We all belong here. Join Women for Dr. Bob on Facebook today or contribute to our effort to have all voices heard in Congress.


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