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"I trusted Dr. Bob with my health, and I'll trust him as my Congressman"

If you've had a great experience with Dr. Bob, we want to share your story with the district. In a series called #ConstituentCare, we're featuring testimonials from patients, employees, colleagues, and community members. Visit to submit.

MARQUETTE, Mich. ━ Dr. Bob Lorinser started his career in the '80s as a social worker in a Veteran's hospital in Minnesota. Since, he's served thousands of patients across the world, from Navajo Nation, Marquette, Sawyer Air Force Base, Crystal Falls, North Africa, Korea, East Asia, and across the Middle East.

Some of his most beloved patients are here in the First District, including Manuel (Manny) Vigil, a retired Master Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. Dr. Bob was Vigil's primary care physician during a 30-year-career of practicing medicine in Marquette.

"I'm voting for Dr. Bob," said Vigil. "He is the most honest and sincere person I've known, and I say this with many years of knowing him. As my doctor, Dr. Lorinser always made me feel very comfortable. His recommendations for my meds were some he was taking himself and it made me feel good to know they were 'tried, tested and approved' by a doctor."

Manny Vigil reflected on an evening when Dr. Bob called him at home concerned about lab results. "That's how he was with his patients."

Dr. Bob recognized some serious problems in for-profit healthcare early in his career and made sure to always stay true to the reason he pursued medicine ─ to take care of people.

To Dr. Lorinser, being a physician meant working where others wouldn't. Many of his patients were low-income Medicaid and Medicare recipients. He made housecalls. He administered free flu shots for youth sports teams. He served patients struggling with behavioral and mental health, the elderly, expecting mothers, new families, people with physical and cognitive disabilities, Indigenous communities, active and retired service members, and, like Manny Vigil ─ retired Veterans.

On-call or not, it was not uncommon for people in his care to page Dr. Bob late at night or early in the morning with health concerns. If serious, he would consult many patients right in his living room before recommending emergency care or facilitating hospitalization.

"Vote for Dr. Bob," said Vigil. "When elected, he won't disappear like the occupant filling this office, hobnobbing with others like him in D.C., bragging about one *accomplishment in his two terms."

*Although Dr. Bob's opponent claims credit for the Soo Locks upgrades, many people directly involved with the legislation contest his involvement.

"Dr. Bob will be here for us, listening to our concerns ─ not just in the U.P., but Northern Michigan as well," said Vigil. "I am proud to say Dr. Bob was my doctor, my care provider. I always trusted him with decisions concerning my health, and I will most definitely trust his decisions as Congressman in the 1st District. I will definitely be beating the drums for Congressman Lorinser."

Dr. Bob Lorinser is a retired member of the U.S. Department of State's Foreign Services. Manny Vigil is a retired member of the United States Air Force. The use of military or diplomatic rank, job title, and photographs in uniform does not imply an endorsement for Dr. Lorinser by the U.S. State Department, Department of the Air Force, or the Department of Defense.


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