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GOP budget aims to keep poor families hungry or default on debt

Unbelievable. We can’t let this happen. Speaker McCarthy holding the debt ceiling hostage in order to take food away from hungry families is unconscionable.

Please contribute to my campaign for Congress because I'm committed to resolving our debt issues while still assisting hardworking, hungry families.

Healthcare costs as a percentage of American GDP over time

Help me get to Congress so I can vote against madness like this if it ever comes up again.

Contribute now for ethical ways to reduce the budget.

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Raising the debt ceiling should be non-negotiable. It is money already spent, and we are a nation that pays our debt.

Republicans voted to increase the debt limit three times when Trump was in office ($7 trillion more debt) and over a dozen times in the last 25 years. The national debt is expected to reach $50 trillion by 2033. It is currently $31 trillion.

When it comes to the national debt, both parties are responsible. Debt is the product of spending and a need for more revenue.

It would take about $16 trillion in spending reductions or new revenues to balance the budget by 2033. Balancing the budget without tax increases or decreases to the military, Medicare, or Social Security, would mean cutting the rest of the budget by 70%.

The Republican Study Committee Plan would balance the budget in 10 years by slashing government health programs and domestic spending without raising taxes. This would mean:

The GOP 2024 Budget aims to cut food stamps and so much more

All bad ideas. No, thank you.

The nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget has a plan that reduces the deficit by half, with 40% from increased revenue and 60% from decreased spending. Reasonable.

Voters must understand the facts, formulate their opinions, and share them with their Representatives and Senators.

Holding America hostage to keep poor children hungry is both irresponsible and immoral. The way forward is increased revenue, mainly from the ultra-wealthy, and reasonable spending reductions.

Can you chip in now so I can bring an ethical approach to balancing the budget?


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