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Getting serious — and specific — about reducing gun violence (Pt. II)

It continues to be important to acknowledge the tragedy and the victims. Today, we also want to offer nonpartisan legislative specifics the vast majority of Americans support.

No longer will the American people allow these common-sense solutions to fall on leaders' deaf ears. Make a contribution to get Dr. Bob Lorinser to Congress so he can act where the incumbent won't. Donate now.

What can we do to reduce gun violence?

Universal Background Checks for Firearm Purchases

  • Over 80% of the Nation supports universal background checks, including most NRA members. The House recently passed HR8 without our Congressman's support. And after his "nay" vote, he stated, "I oppose any attempt to restrict legal access to firearms."

Research on Firearm Injury and Death

  • Research is needed to understand the causes and consequences of gun violence; identifying, testing, and implementing strategies to reduce these events is vital. Read more. >>

Safe Storage of Firearms

  • Secure storage is essential to reducing the risk of unintentional or intentional injuries or deaths.

Decrease Rapid and Extended Shooting Capacities

  • Reducing casualties in mass shooting situations must effectively address high-capacity magazines and firearms with features designed to increase their rapid and extended shooting capacity. These weapons systems should be subject to special regulation.

Mental Health

  • Improved access to mental healthcare will save countless lives. Read more. >>

End Immunity for Firearm Companies

Waiting Periods

  • Evidence indicates waiting periods reduce the rate of death by suicide.

These common-sense, nonpartisan solutions are backed by science and data. Americans demand action and we need a comprehensive National plan of action.

Our Congressman has yet to address the concerns of parents in our district who have legitimate fears about potential gun violence in local schools. His refusal to acknowledge Tuesday's tragedy or the victims shows a profound lack of leadership. His silence is deafening.

Jack Bergman voted against universal background checks and against supporting law enforcement in investigating domestic terrorism. Our "Representative" is voting against us, not with us.

We can do better. It's time to act.


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