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Defense contractors caught in $100 billion/yr price gouging scandal, and Bergman is silent

Under Rep. Jack Bergman’s guidance, our national security and military readiness have been compromised.

I am committed to fighting corruption and ensuring that the people of #MI01 are represented with integrity.

The US military supply chain is rife with price gouging, as recently exposed by a 60 Minutes investigation. Private military contractors are overcharging the Pentagon by over 200% for products and weapons.

A retired executive and chief contract negotiator for defense giant Raytheon called the gouging unconscionable.

Inflated pricing and excessive profits by defense corporations significantly threaten the nation's defense budget and military readiness. Yet, Rep. Jack Bergman, a member of the committees responsible for approving Pentagon contracts, remains conspicuously silent on the issue.

Why? Because as Bergman sits on the committees that give it the green light, he accepts substantial campaign contributions from the crooked defense contractors responsible.

Jack Bergman wields power and influence as a member of the Armed Forces and Budget Committees. His acceptance of campaign donations from corrupt defense contractors raises doubts about his ability to perform his duties effectively.

If he cannot address price gouging in his realm of expertise, how can he be trusted with other critical matters? Voters are demanding Jack Bergman address this issue and prioritize the needs of his constituents over unscrupulous business practices, and I share their concerns.

I expect my opponent to address the voters about this issue — not with silence or neglect — but with honest answers.


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