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Bergman calls every opponent he faces a "radical leftist" — Against me, it just won't stick

MARQUETTE, Mich. — In October, my opponent responded to my comments about his actions and votes by name-calling and labeling, but not by addressing the topic at hand. Rep. Bergman called me a "radical leftist." Don’t be distracted and fooled; this isn’t based on any facts about my record or what I stand for. His reply misses the point, again.

My independent political positions are based entirely on what’s best for our district, state, and Nation. We could label each other all day. I’m not interested. Let’s get honest with the constituency about who we are, where we stand and debate the issues.

  • I support universal healthcare, modernization of the VA, public education funding, livable wages, criminal justice reform and the environment.

  • We should also be careful with spending and only fund effective and efficient federal programs, including addressing our crumbling and inadequate infrastructure.

  • I support law enforcement, first responders, frontline workers, our troops and national security.

  • I believe in choice and liberty.

  • I support the Second Amendment and believe fatalities by firearm — especially deaths by suicide — should be treated as a public health crisis.

  • I support small businesses, job creation and a thriving economy

  • I am concerned about government overreach in our everyday private lives. Our Nation is dependent on our independence, but we will only thrive through our interdependence on each other.

If this sounds "radical" to my opponent, it may be more of a reflection on him than me.

What label is appropriate for someone who identifies problems and offers real solutions that create a better future? Hard-working families in this district deserve an honest conversation about the issues, not more labeling.

I won’t toe the partisan line when it isn’t moving us forward, and I will join across the aisle when appropriate.

I’m asking voters to consider each candidate’s character and the principles by which they live. Those are the perimeters that will quickly identify how we’ll vote.

At the end of the day, I’m primarily a grandfather who’s qualified for Congress and deeply concerned about the direction Jack Bergman has taken our district and country — backward.

Some politicians pull the country to the left; others pull us to the right. I strive to lead us forward.


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