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Urgent need for reliable ferry service for Eastern UP islands - Jodi Decker, Bob Lorinser

As candidates for State House and US Congress, Jodi Decker and I are committed to addressing our community's critical issues. Residents of Sugar Island have recently shared their concerns about the unreliable ferry service, which is the only connection to the mainland for over 600 residents.

Chronic breakdowns have caused significant disruptions and hardships, but we see this challenge as an opportunity for positive change and community improvement.

Healthcare access on Sugar Island is vital. With no medical facilities on the island, residents depend heavily on the ferry to attend crucial medical appointments and handle acute medical problems. We understand the stress this causes and see enhancing the ferry service as essential to ensuring all residents can access the healthcare they need without worry.

Reliable ferry service is also crucial in education. Over 100 students rely on the ferry to commute to school. When the ferry malfunctions, it impacts their attendance and participation in important educational events. By improving ferry reliability, we can ensure that our students receive the quality education they deserve without interruption.

With local, state, and federal support, the Eastern Upper Peninsula Transit Authority (EUPTA) can rise to meet this challenge. By working together, we can meet the needs of island residents.

Sugar Island, Neebish Island, and Drummond Island residents deserve dependable and adequate ferry services. Jodi Decker and I pledge to advocate for improved infrastructure and services. Like everyone else, Islanders deserve equal access to reliable transportation for emergencies, work, and school.

We are inspired by our community's resilience and spirit and are committed to making a positive difference. Together, we can ensure that all residents feel connected and supported.

No matter which island residents live on, you should have a reliable ferry service to get across for emergencies or the day-to-day routines of work and school. Tourist season is upon us. These islands need their ferries.

  • Jodi Decker for Michigan State House, HD 107

  • Bob Lorinser for US Congress, MI01


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