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Lorinser responds: "Jack Bergman blatantly misled voters on ‘Media Meet’"

Dr. Bob Lorinser and Jack Bergman appeared on Public TV13’s ‘Media Meet’ Saturday evening in separate recordings. Lorinser is responding to his opponent’s statements.

There are two days until election day, and Dr. Bob Lorinser needs your help crossing the finish line. Can we count on your support for Tuesday?

"When asked, my opponent stated the federal government's role in abortion should be 'none,' but he is the co-sponsor of the Heartbeat Protection Act, which makes it a federal crime for a physician to perform an abortion subject to five years in prison," said Lorinser.

Dr. Bob Lorinser believes the patient's room is far too small for a woman, her doctor, and the US government. Criminalizing women's reproductive healthcare makes it dangerous. Lorinser is committed to reducing the need for abortion by addressing social inequities in the United States, but believes overturning Roe v. Wade was a misguided assault on American citizen's right to medical privacy.

Jack Bergman also claimed he was a business developer. His only business was a one-person company called 'Wings Medical Technologies, LTD.' Many allege it is strictly for tax write-off purposes for his private airplane and his Saline, Michigan condo, where he was living. He lived there while questionably claiming his Gogebic County lake cottage as his principal residence.

Lorinser has lived in the Upper Peninsula since 1989, served as a social worker at the VA, a physician on Navajo Nation, worked in rural Northern Michigan hospitals, and served as a diplomat overseas and as the medical director for several counties in the Upper Peninsula.

"My opponent stated he would 'lead from the moderate middle' with Democrats and Republicans in the House," said Lorinser. "Does anyone believe this? He voted for his party line 98-99% of the time, howled about firing all Democrats, and ridiculed them mercilessly."

"It's a candidate's duty and responsibility to inform voters to get elected, not to disseminate misinformation and falsehoods," said Lorinser. "This is wrong, sad, and disingenuous. Our democracy depends on the informed voter, and the 1st District will not accept lying to get elected."


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