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Lorinser challenges Bergman on alleged extremist associations

Rep. Jack Bergman owes serious explanations to constituents regarding his:

  • Support of Sen. Tuberville

  • Violation of Oath as a Marine

  • Alleged relationship w/ Proud Boys

  • Ties to the Freedom Caucus

  • Role in Jan. 6

Help me hold Jack Bergman to account.

Jack Bergman has a 'Very Poor' grade with the GOP Accountability Project, and has repeatedly violated his oath to the constitution and to our military. He compromises our democracy, national defense and military readiness.

As we observe Bergman's deplorable approval of Sen. Tuberville's blockade of military appointments, questions also linger regarding his alleged relationship with Proud Boys.

Among other rumors of connection, Bergman coordinated a 2020 event with John James at which members of the Proud Boys volunteered. He refused to answer reporters about it, but constituents are owed answers about any associations.

Most notably, Bergman was involved in an election lawsuit, during which he collaborated with conspiracy theorists to schedule their amateur audit of ballots. The flawed results of Bergman's audit ignited the Big Lie, which led to insurrection.

Jack Bergman played a big role in Jan 6.

Most recently, Bergman teamed up with Lauren Boebert to co-sponsor amendments that challenge diversity in the military. His ties with the so-called Freedom Caucus need to be scrutinized.

Extremism has no place in rural America.


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